Richard Lummis is on assignment this week so I am pleased to host Alyson Van Hooser, well know leadership consultant and coach. She is a partner at Van Hooser Associates. In this episode, we discuss the story of the Goldman Sachs employees and their PP slide deck about working 100+ hours per week. What does this tell us about priorities of and the leadership of Millennials. Highlights include:

  • Many of us worked very long hours early in our professional careers. It does several things: Forces you to learn about a wide variety of topics, work under pressure, weeds out the go-getters from those only along for the ride, ETC. It also makes it very difficult for women who are young mothers. What are your thoughts on a 100+ work week from a leadership perspective?
  • How does this type of attitude work for Millennials?
  • Will businesses, managers and employers have to adjust?
  • I have worked very long hours but never complained because that’s ‘just the way it was’ or it was expected or some other reason. What is it about millennials that they would speak up about that type of treatment?
  • Also at least I could commiserate with my peers about the long hours. But in Covid-19 everyone is working from home and there is largely no support. Has that made a difference?


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