Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.In episode 48, Lisa Fine speaks with Gwen Romack, who is the Senior Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance at VMWare. They visit about creating multi-faceted ‘Dream Teams’ for a corporate compliance function.

Almost every compliance practitioner is asked at least once “what do you mean by compliance?”  And, the answer is often very different, depending on many factors – public or private sector, non-profit, geography…just to name a few.  It’s also hard to build a compliance team to address the different parts of each program.  Prior to that her current position of Senior Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance at VMWare where she has been for the past four years, Gwen spent twenty years at HP, growing her career first outside of compliance and then in the area of ethics and compliance, building a public sector program.  Gwen has built many different programs, and Lisa and Gwen start to build one version of a “dream team.”

Gwen is a senior compliance leader, and she is not an attorney, and has looked at various work areas.  Her perspective on how attorneys and non-attorneys work together to build a team to look at four pillars of compliance that she categorizes as awareness, process controls, inspection, and mitigation. As a woman in compliance, as well as a non-attorney, Gwen also discusses her experiences with imposter syndrome, which impacts so many people, of all genders and that sometimes one type of imposter syndrome replaces another, and how to move past it altogether. Building anything should have architects, contractors, and inspectors, and we hope you enjoy thinking about your work and the role you and your colleagues play on your dream team.

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