In this episode of Career Can Do, Mary Ann Faremouth chats with Svetlana Casanova, a candidate she placed. Svetlana’s story, Mary Ann says, “is a true example of how networking, the right mindset, with dedication, perseverance and a service orientation can overcome even the toughest of challenges.” 



Svetlana moved to the US due to her marriage and was trying to find a job. Mary Ann comments that her advanced education, her work experience, and her pleasant personality made her an excellent candidate. However, it was still difficult for her to find a suitable job. She accepted Mary Ann’s advice to take a temporary job to increase her chances of getting a permanent position, which she was able to secure afterwards. Unfortunately, she was laid off because of the pandemic. She kept in touch with her former employers, however, and when things got better at the company, they asked her to return in another position.


A positive attitude, flexibility, and good work ethic are the traits employers look for right now, Mary Ann says. Employees who try to make a contribution to the greater good of the company are the ones who will be rewarded. “Stay positive, work hard, network,” Svetlana advises listeners. “If you have to take a temp job, do it. Always go the extra mile and have gratitude.”