Welcome to a new season of Compliance Man. This season is called True or False? In this series, I am joined by Tim Khasanov-Batirov, a compliance practitioner who focuses on compliance at international markets for over 20 years. Based on his work experience at six countries as in house compliance officer Tim now consults senior managers and compliance officers globally on complex ethics and compliance matters.  Tim is a co-founder of Compliance Club, an  international community of practitioners. You can learn more about Tim, his Compliance Man illustrated series, a YouTube channel and request advice from him by clicking at Timur Khasanov-Batirov  on Linked in.

In each podcast, we will take on a different issue with Tim; a hot, very often a very provocative topic from the corporate’s real life agenda and find out if  is it true or false. It will be a tough and very straightforward talks. We invite you to participate in these discussions by commenting each podcast and proposing topics for True or False series. The most active listeners will be invited to join us. Let’s have a sincere conversation!

Today we will try to find out whether companies are eager to be ethical even if they do not feel pressure of potential investigation or regulatory sanctions. Highlights include:

  • Enforcement practice establishes standards and principles that create a right compass, allowing not only to act ethically at person’s view but also to avoid sanctions for the company.
  • Knowledge of applicable anticorruption laws, enforcement trends and ethical behaviors of top management lead to success.
  • Do companies act more aggressively due to low risk of enforcement.

Join us for the next episode of Compliance Man: True or False? episode.  If you disagree or wish to share your views on whistleblower topic please comment below. We will be glad to hear from you. Let’s have a sincere global conversation together.