Welcome back to the Compliance In Podcast Series with Philip Fry from Verint! Yesterday we talked about the tools, strategies and importance of controlling the information its now possible to capture, and today, we’re getting into making that kind of activity sustainable over the long term.

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Tom starts the conversation by mentioning how common and multi-purposed the word sustainability is, so Phil gets into some detail about exactly what sustainability means from a compliance in finance standpoint. Namely, that it refers to effectively managing constant change and moving your compliance organisation and resources, technology, practices, procedures, data, skills etc. to a place where they run effectively and efficiently, without undue drama (however that might be caused) and where compliance risks are minimised.

A big part of successfully making a complex compliance program sustainable is looking back on what different tools, systems and strategies have been in place before the newest one, to help plan an attainable rout from where companies are to where they want to be. Phil talks about how this has shaped his vision of the future and the other factors that have to be considered, like the ability to cope with disruption, verifying the operation of a structure, and the attitude and will of an organization. All stakeholders need to be invested in a compliance program if it’s going to be sustainable going into the future.

In tomorrow’s fifth and final installment, Tom and Phil discuss how to get and keep oversight of the mountains of information that are generated by modern compliance programs.

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