Welcome to the last installment of this 5-part Compliance in Finance Series, where Innovation in Compliance host, Tom Fox, talks with Philip Fry, the VP of Go To Market Strategy for Verint. Today, Phil and Tom are talking about oversight – bringing together data and analysis from across an organization.

Listen to the episode:

Phil makes the point that the success of a compliance program is dependant on your ability to see the whole picture, so gathering, combining, analysing and understanding the data created by various operational systems can keep an operation running smoothly, or run it off the rails. There are plenty of challenges in managing this month information, but Phil thinks it’s more achievable than it might look at the outset. The key is the ability to cut through all the noise created by the mountains of data, and home-in on areas of concern, of potential or real non-compliance, that require attention.

Tom and Phil discuss the different ways this oversight can be gained, and the importance of open standards across compliance solutions. They talk about Trade Reconstruction, speech analytics, surveillance, and the new technology that is bringing them together and making them accessible to compliance program managers around the world.

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