Big Brains In Compliance is the newest show on the Compliance Podcast Network featuring Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance, and Stephen Martin, Partner at StoneTurn. In this series, Tom and Stephen are going to be interviewing and learning from the biggest names in the compliance world.



In this premiere episode, Tom and Stephen share their professional backgrounds and their journey into the compliance space. Stephen’s interesting career – including his time at WorldCom during the scandal that brought down the company – taught him some important lessons that he shares with listeners. Tom talks about his own career and what eventually led him to become a leading voice in compliance. They also discuss how compliance has evolved over the years.

In future episodes, Tom and Stephen are going to be speaking to the people who have been at the forefront of the evolution of compliance and have transformed the industry for the better. Not only will listeners hear about guests’ professional contributions to the compliance space, but they will also learn a bit about them personally. 

Tune in every other Monday for another episode!


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