In this episode, we look inside the United Nations and its various agencies. We assess the harsh reality of endemic corruption in how governments intersect with UN agencies. Given its unique mission, the nature of how it is funded and disbursed funds largely for things such as large-scale infrastructure building, healthcare, education, and peace-keeping, and the fact that its employees and officers are foreign officials under the law, the UN represents a perfect storm of corruption risk. Scott Moritz speaks to Murphy & McGonigle law partner Robert “Bob” Appleton. Bob was Chief of the first-ever UN Anti-Corruption Unit, the Procurement Fraud Task Force, which existed between 2006-2010, and was responsible in part for the focus of the FCPA by the Fraud Section at DOJ.

Join us each week as we take a deep dive into the various forms of fraud across the world and discuss crime families, penny stock boiler rooms, international money launderers, narco-traffickers, oligarchs, dictators, warlords, kleptocrats and more.

Scott Moritz is a leading authority on white-collar crime, anti-corruption, and in the evaluation, design, remediation, implementation, and administration of corporate compliance programs, codes of conduct. He is also considered an authority in the establishment, training, and oversight of the investigative protocols carried out by financial intelligence, corporate security, and internal audit units.