In this Episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, I am joined by fan fav James Koukios, partner at Morrison & Foerster and editor of the firm’s great monthly International Anti-Corruption Developments Newsletter. In this episode we look back to some of the key developments from the January and February newsletters.

Highlights include:

  • 2021 TI-CPI released. What value do you see in it? Do compliance professionals rely too greatly on it to determine an appropriate level of due diligence?
  • Samir Khoury denied cert. How or why could an indictment go unsealed for 10 years?
  • Daniel Comoretto pleads guilty. Follow on from Sargeant Marine FCPA enforcement action.
  • KBR decision. What does it mean for the SFO?
  • Samsung Industries resolves corruption matter thru Leniency Agreement.
  • Paul Bond convicted on retrial.
  • Spain extradited Alonso Ancira to Mexico. What if any is the significance to this action?
  • Car Wash ends. How would you assess its overall impact on the global fight against bribery and corruption?


January International Anti-Corruption Developments

February International Anti-Corruption Developments

James Koukios on MoFo