Richard Lummis is on assignment this week so I am pleased to host Jeffery Hayzlett, the Chairman of C-Suite Network (including C-Suite Radio) and Prime Time Television and Podcast Host. Among all these other activities, he is prolific author. Today, we visit about Jeffery’s most recent book The Hero Factor. Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. Why Hazylett wrote this book?
  2. What is Hero Leadership?
  3. What is Hero Intensity?
  4. Values Values Values
  5. Why are a hero’s values so important?
  6. The book has questions, practices pointers and even a self-assessment in the book. Why are these tools include in the book?
  7. Who should read this book?
  8. What is the Hero Club?
  9. Why is Hayzlett so passionate about the Hero Club and Hero Leadership?


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