In the Episode, the hosts of the Microsoft podcast, Uncovering Hidden Risks join me. Raman Kalyan is a Director of Product Marketing on the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance team focused primarily on the Insider Risk Management set of solutions. Talhah Mir is a Principal Product Manager on the MIP & Compliance US OPEX team.

In this podcast, they explore a broader set of issues focused on identifying the various risks organizations face as they navigate the internal and external requirements organizations must comply with. They will take you through a journey on insider risks to uncover some of the hidden security threats that Microsoft and organizations across the world are facing. They bring to the surface some of the best-in-class technology and processes to help you protect your organization and employees from risks from trusted insiders. Highlights of this podcast include:

  • Why did you start “Uncovering Hidden Risks”? What are insider risks?
  • How should a corporate compliance function or risk management function think about risks inside of an organization?
  • What are some of the tools you and your team have developed at Microsoft to help manage these risks?
  • How do manage these insider risks in the context of data privacy?
  • What are some of the communication strategies you advocate?
  • What are some examples of market solutions you have developed?


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Uncovering Hidden Risks