We talked about what it’s like to go into law and compliance as a second career – Lisa started out work life in politics before going to law school as a young mum,  then working in health law in private practice before joining us at Fresenius Medical Care as the Chief Compliance Officer of the North America business.  Lisa gave advice for those wanting to get into healthcare compliance. Lisa gave her views on the benefits of proactively asking for opportunities at work to make your ambitions known.  We acknowledged that while this might be viewed as an aggressive move or maybe a staff member would be nervous about the reception if their requests were rejected, that overall this is a good tactic if you will for signaling to a manager that you’re hungry for more.  While the manager may not be in a position to grant you the precise request at the given time, at the very least it will show an attitude for wanting to develop and better yourself and the manager will now be conscious of what you’re looking for and look for other ways that may get you there if what you’ve suggested won’t work for the moment