There are many companies that have employees who’ve never stepped foot in their office.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But that has to be very few companies and employes, right?”

The answer — not so much. Remote employees are not a thing of the future, it is the reality of the 21st Century workforce. Leaders must prepare for the challenges and opportunities this massive change presents.

In this episode, I am sitting down with my business partner, Phil Van Hooser. Phil is a Hall of Fame Leadership speaker and author. Phil and I are speaking on the issue not only because we are helping other leaders successfully navigate the change, but we ourselves in our own business, are practicing what we preach.

With Gen X, Y, and Z increasingly wanting flexible schedules, the number of remote workers in today’s workforce has increased very fast. In today’s episode, part 1 of 2, we are taking a look at why employees want to work out of the office, how that may make managers and supervisors feel, and practical steps you can take to make sure engagement, communication, and performance stays on the right track.

As a leader, YOU control your leadership success. Tune in for real-talk about how to lead well in this new environment of remote workers.

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