Richard Lummis and Tom Fox conclude our four-part series on leadership lessons from George Washington. We will look at lessons from Washington’s colonial and frontier period, focusing on the French and Indian War, leadership lessons from Washington’s generalship of the Continental Army, his leadership in both the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention and we will end with leadership lessons from both terms of Washington’s presidency. In this fourth and concluding episode, we consider the leadership lessons demonstrated by Washington during his two terms as the first President of the United States.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. Introduction into Washington’s two terms as President.
  2. A team of rivals? How did he manage them?
  3. Leading by example, yet in a measured and nuanced manner-the Whiskey Rebellion.
  4. Foreign Affairs-Citizen Genet and Jay Treaty with Britain.
  5. Farewell Address-how did this encapsulate Washington’s leadership?
  6. Final thoughts on leadership lessons still relevant today from George Washington.