Richard Lummis and Tom Fox continue their five-part series on leadership lessons from Theodore Roosevelt. We will look at lessons from Roosevelt’s early years in New York up to his cowboying days in Montana; the second phase of his public career, from NYC Police Commission to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, San Juan Hill and the Vice Presidency; his leadership from his Presidency; his life in the post-Presidency and the election of 1912 and we will end with leadership lessons from his post Bull Moose Party life, World War I and event surrounding his death. In this second  episode, we consider the leadership lessons learned by Roosevelt in the second phase of his political career, which took him from Police Commissioner of NYC to the Vice Presidency.

Highlights of this podcast include:

What led to appointment to New York Civil Service Commission and then to the NYC Police Commissioner? His move to the National Stage as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. This led to his work in the War with Spain and Admiral Dewey in Manilla Bay. He founded the Rough Riders, his leadership in Cuba and ride up San Juan Hill. He becomes Governor of New York. This leads to joining the McKinley ticket in the election of 1896 and becoming Vice President. We conclude with three key leadership lessons, including: 1. Pick yourself up when you fall; 2. Find a cause; and 3. Communicate Simply and Directly Through Stories.


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