In this podcast, data privacy/data security expert Jonathan Armstrong and Compliance Evangelist Tom Fox use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to these topics. They consider what the US compliance and InfoSec security expert needs to know about what is happening in the UK, Europe and beyond. This episode is the first of a two-part series where  Jonathan Armstrong and myself consider some of the highlights from the first year of GDPR implementation and enforcement. In this Part I of this two-part series we consider some of the enforcement numbers. In Part II, we will consider some of the substantive issues. Some of the highlights in this episode include:
  1. EDPB says just over 150,000 complaints files EU under GDPR.
  2. Robust enforcement by both regulators and private bodies/citizens.
  3. UK leads with the largest number of complaints filed, followed by Germany then France.
  4. Around 950 complaints have reach courts.
  5. Italy is the country which has seen the largest number of court cases.
  6. Several countries are increasing inspections which could lead to enforcement actions.
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