Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. First, thanks to all who sent messages, encouragement, comments and thoughts related to Great Women in Compliance’s 100th episode.  We are so appreciative and excited for the next 100.  So to start out our spring sessions, here is episode 101 where Lisa is starting some discussions about crisis management and how ethics and compliance professionals can help guide and provide the best impact when a crisis occurs.  In the first discussion, Lisa speaks with Lisa Krigsten, who is a partner in the white collar and governmental investigations group at Dentons, as well as the managing partner of the Kansas City office.  Before joining Dentons, Lisa received a presidential appointment to serve as a Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General within the DOJ in Washington, DC, and has also been a federal and state prosecutor.

When Lisa was in the government, she prosecuted police officers and departments.  In that role, she had a first-hand look at when people start to justify certain actions, and some of the things she addresses and learned are particularly relevant today.  Today, Lisa is one of the people that you call in when a crisis occurs.  She talks us through how she defines a crisis, initial steps to take, and some of the common threads she has seen when advising organizations.  She also reinforces the importance of an organization’s culture and the ability for employees at all levels to speak up.

Lisa also talks about moving from Washington, D.C., back to Kansas City, which is in the midwest of the United States.   Not only does she speak about having a regional as well as a global practice, she also includes some information about all the great things about Kansas City.

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