In this podcast series, two complete MCU fans, Tom Fox, founder of the Compliance Podcast Network, and Megan Dougherty, co-founder of One Stone Creative, indulge in a passion for all things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by re-watching each movie and then podcasting on every movie in the MCU. If you want to indulge in your love for the MCU with two fans passionate about all things MCU, this is the podcast series for you. For this offering, we consider MCU Series – Dr. Strange.

Some of the highlights include:

Ø  The story synopsis.

Ø  What are the key plot points?

Ø  What were some of our favorite cookies?

Ø  How does this movie fit into the overall MCU?

Ø  How is this movie an homage to prior non-MCU movies?

**Next up in our series Thor-Ragnarok**