As April is Earth Month, GWIC thought it would be a great time to talk to one of the people who works in E&C and also to protect our natural resources and environment.  Michelle Beistle is the as Chief Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Officer at The Nature Conservancy, and started there in April 2019.

Michelle was one of GWIC’s first guests, where she spoke about her path and how she got into compliance through her privacy work.  Her former role was as Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer – Privacy & Ethics at Unisys.

Michelle talks about the similarities and the differences that she has encountered moving into a non-profit, as well as her excitement about working in a mission-driven organization.  She also talks about how COVID and the social justice movement have impacted TNC, and how they speak out on behalf of other social causes.

TNC also had a change in leadership, so she discusses that change, and how to navigate that as an E&C professional.  And, as it is Earth Month, Lisa took advantage of her knowledge to get some information on events and Michelle’s most practical tip on how you can impact the environment every day.

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