In this special five-part podcast series, I have been joined by Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Managing Director of Global Affairs at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI) the sponsor of this podcast series. We have discussed various aspects of monitorships, including why independence matters, the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Guidelines on Monitors, Gordon’s professorial career at the International Anti-Corruption Academy, cultural differences between international and US domestic monitorships. and the continuing evolution in monitorships. Today, in this concluding Part 5, we consider the continuing evolution in monitorships. Some of the highlights include:

·       There is growth in monitoring entities that have violated data privacy laws, either because they have suffered a data breach, or have misused data they control.

·       Can you elaborate on data privacy and monitoring?

·       Can you tell us how monitorships fall into different categories based on the type of remediation effort the monitorship is meant to achieve?

·       How should companies prepare for a monitorship?

·       Does AMI take on pro-active monitorships?