Kayvan Alikhani is the CEO and co-founder of Compliance.ai, a company dedicated to empowering professionals with the smartest regulatory and compliance change management platform. He has over thirty years of experience and expertise in software and cybersecurity. Tom Fox welcomes him to this week’s episode as they discuss modernizing compliance practices and helping risk practitioners do a better job of managing risk.

Red Tech

It used to be that compliance professionals could manage the pace and complexity of regulations and changes happening around them with simple tools. Presently, the scope of changes and complexity has increased, giving rise to a set of modern solutions that can capture, monitor, and take action on these changes. This modern technology is called red tech. 

Compliance Meets AI

Tom asks Kayvan to explain what ‘Compliance meets AI’ means to him. Kayvan responds that it means using AI to help compliance professionals make regulatory changes. “Artificial intelligence emerging as a stable, reliable, and cost affordable…. allows for you to model a set of behaviors and be able to predict the outcome of a basically new behavior, or map behavior to a specific classification,” he tells Tom. He explains the necessary components that would make AI work in compliance. 

Compliance.ai & Why It’s Unique 

Kayvan founded Compliance.ai to answer the question of what can be done in terms of automation. His company removes the “speed bump” users encounter when accessing regulatory content. Content is curated within hours as opposed to days, weeks, and months. Simplifying the tasks of compliance officers allows them to have more time to assist their organizations with changes that may be happening at that particular time. Simplicity enables the organization to convey the proper message to its stakeholders more rapidly.

COVID-19 & Beyond

Kayvan tells Tom that due to the pandemic, his business got more focused on adding business continuity and improving business resiliency policies and making those policies accessible from anywhere at any time. Tom asks him what to expect in red tech risk and compliance in the coming years. “As more and more organizations start building these types of solutions we’re going to see the formation of alliances across the sector where compliance is no longer used as a competitive advantage,” he explains. “The push for privacy regulations is going to be a big catalyst as well in terms of the common practices that are used both for maintaining data protecting data sharing data.”


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