Moving Up to the Board

Today’s guest on the Innovation in Compliance Podcast is Louise Duffield, from Gated Talent, a company that helps executives connect with executive recruiters globally.

Louise has a “diverse” background, including two degrees, sales, huge life experience, and a very interesting journey with Gated Talent. The company needed someone who could strengthen numbers, engage with the community and get the brand message out there. Louise shares how she was able to help them accomplish all of that.

Gated Talent

Gated Talent is a new company that was formed in response to the GDPR and designed to help executives share their information with recruiters privately. Louise talks about why this matters to both the executives and the recruiters. The platform was developed to make it easy for people to explore new opportunities without causing any panic.

The Importance of Diversity

Louise is a prolific writer and communicator, and Tom asks about several of her recent posts. She talks about the personal inspiration for one of her articles about diversity and inclusion. She believes that differences should be sought after and celebrated in organizations, and provides some clear examples of how diverse, inclusive companies can materially benefit, increasing profitability and improving their culture.

Leadership Brands

Leadership brands are associated with individuals who are great leaders, and Louise talks about how they’re created, why they matter and how individuals can choose how to brand themselves as leaders. It goes beyond your resume and includes your soft skills, like collaboration, empathy and teamwork. Louise doesn’t see a lot of executives cultivating their leadership brands – but they should. Emotional intelligence can’t be taught, but if it’s in you, you can develop and improve it and its associated skills.


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