We are on Episode V of a five-part exploration of the recent the Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission resolution of a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement action against the Russian telecom company, MTS. In this episode,  I conclude with the lessons learned for the compliance professional. Today we focus on four key lessons: (1) due diligence, (2) business justification, (3) business valuation and (4) the long road of bribery.

The documents which are the subject of this series are:
  1. MTS Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA);
  2. MTS Criminal Information (MTS Information);
  3. SEC Cease and Desist Order (Order);
  4. Karimova and Akhmedov Indictment (Indictment);
  5. Kolorit Dizayn Ink LLC Plea Agreement (Plea Agreement); and
  6. Kolorit Dizayn Ink Information (Kolorit Information);
  7. DOJ Press Release and
  8. SEC Press Release.