On this episode of the Innovation in Compliance Podcast, we have Patrick Conroy, RegTech Leader and Managing Director at ACA Technology. What does ACA do, what technologies and solutions do they offer, and how can you leverage them to make your compliance programs more strategic, nimble, and proactive?

Professional background

Patrick shares how he got his start in financial services, to working at the largest global banks in the world, and honing his skills as a compliance practitioner and embracing technology. Through that lens, he started building compliance services and looking at different emerging technologies, as well as focusing on RegTech at the firm.

ACA products and services

ACA’s solutions are derived from subject matter expertise with tech enablement around it, to help firms develop and architect their overall compliance programs. They focus across a few different verticals: compliance risk, advisory consulting, managed services, education and training, and technology solutions. Patrick goes into detail about each of these verticals, outlining the specific programs, support, and services they offer for each of them.

ComplianceAlpha and Compliance ELF

Compliance Alpha is ACA’s centralized platform which helps firms mitigate their risks through the efficiencies of synergies, as well as scale the workflows while keeping everything harmonized and transparent at the organizational level.

Within the platform are the Compliance ELF, the code of ethics, personal trading, and employee compliance management modules. This moves the actual doing and operationalization of compliance to the front lines at the employee level, where they’re inputting and capturing the data that can later be used by compliance professionals, the board of directors, or senior management in more of an oversight role.

All in all, the ComplianceAlpha allows organizations to have the tools at their fingertips to hone in on what’s really important — like detecting fraudulent behavior and mitigating overall firm risks — so they can become a lot more nimble, strategic, and proactive.


Patrick Conroy | ACA Compliance Group| 6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Financial Regulators with RegTech