In this fourth and final episode for 2021 of The Ethics and Compliance Library, host Lauren Siegel explores “No Rules, Rules” by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer. The book is all about Netflix’s culture, and you guessed it, the lack of rules they have. Many have read the public culture deck that Netflix shared a few years back, but many who have not read this book may not understand it. From generous severance packages to informed captains, the way that Netflix functions is unique. This book lays out how they have built their culture and how that has lead to their success and gives us an inside look at brand we all know so well. Siegel gives an overview and analysis of the book and then interviews Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and EVP of Converge at Convercent by OneTrust. Her interview with Palmer brings the book to life for E&C leaders and challenges us all to think about the industry differently. As always, they continue the conversation in the Converge community.

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