In this episode, we’re going to discuss insider threats. The term means different things to different people. Broadly, the term refers to any person or entity who has trusted insider access behind an organization’s firewall or inside their secure perimeter. “Insiders” include employees, officers, contractors, temporary workers, and certain categories of vendors and suppliers that either have unescorted access to an organization’s physical premises or who perform some type of important software or network function and have been granted administrator access to the organization’s network. All insiders pose a potential threat. It is a matter of degree and whether they have an inclination to abuse their position of trust.


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Scott Moritz is a leading authority on white-collar crime, anti-corruption, and in the evaluation, design, remediation, implementation, and administration of corporate compliance programs, codes of conduct. He is also considered an authority in the establishment, training, and oversight of the investigative protocols carried out by financial intelligence, corporate security, and internal audit units.