In this episode, Valerie Charles and Tom Fox visit with Philip Winterburn, Chief Strategy Officer at Convercent. They take a dive into the use of data and data analytics in a compliance program. Philip has a mathematics academic background and we discuss how that has helped him see the use of data in a different way in his professional career. Highlights include:

  1. Professional and academic background of Winterburn.
  2. How does his academic background help inform how you look at compliance solutions?
  3. Why he has been one of the most consistent advocates of bring data and more importantly data analytics into the compliance process?
  4. How do the 2 concepts of behavioral psy and data tie together?
  5. What led you to co-found Convercent?
  6. What makes the Convercent approach different?
  7. How have you worked with clients to take their inputs to continually improve your products?
  8. How data can be used in a variety of ways by the compliance professional.
  9. How, if any has the Coronavirus health crisis over this year changed your approach?
  10. What do companies need to be thinking about into 2025 and beyond using data in compliance programs?


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