Welcome to a special series of Trekking Through Compliance, the podcast series inspired by my review of Star Trek, the Original Series. In this special series I am joined by another uber Star Trek maven, Megan Dougherty. In this series we will review the new television show Picard which is currently streaming on CBS.

SPOILER ALERT-Although we will review each episode after it appears, we will discuss each episode in depth.

Episode 3, The End is the Beginning. A flashback reveals how, in the aftermath of the synth attack on Mars, Picard demanded that Starfleet either agree to his evacuation plan or accept his resignation. They chose the latter; his executive officer Raffi, who suspected Romulan involvement in the attack, was fired. In the present, Picard asks Raffi for help; she throws him out, but recommends a pilot for his mission, Chris Rios. Meanwhile, aboard the Borg cube, Director Hugh, a former Borg drone, takes Soji to see a group of Romulan former drones. One of the reclaimed Romulans declares Soji to be “the destroyer” and tries to kill herself; Soji uses her enhanced speed to stop her. Narek’s sister warns him not to get emotionally attached to Soji. Picard, Laris, and Zhaban are attacked by Zhat Vash operatives. They kill all but one, who also calls Soji “the destroyer” under interrogation, before dissolving in a pool of acid. Dr. Jurati is approached by Commodore Oh, who demands to know what was said during Jurati’s meeting with Picard. Jurati decides to join Picard on his journey. They board Rios’ ship, La Sirena, and find Raffi already there. She directs them to Freecloud, where she believes Bruce Maddox is located.

Highlights, speculations and questions include: 

  1. How did Picard get his nickname?
  2. This episode appears to be the end of the character development arc.
  3. Why did Picard leave Raffi to wallow in self-pity for 14 years?
  4. Why did Raffi wallow for so long?
  5. Why are the reclaimed Romulans such outcasts?
  6. Is Dr. Jurati a plant?