Welcome to a special series of Trekking Through Compliance, the podcast series inspired by my review of Star Trek, the Original Series. In this special series I am joined by another uber Star Trek maven, Megan Dougherty, co-founder of One Stone Creative. In this series we will review the new television show Picardwhich is currently streaming on CBS.

SPOILER ALERT-Although we will review each episode after it appears, we will discuss each episode in depth.

Episode 7, Nepenthe. A flashback reveals that Commodore Oh mind-melded with Jurati to convince her of the danger of synthetic life, and had her ingest a tracking device. Picard takes Soji to William Riker and Deanna Troi’s home on the planet Nepenthe. They offer Picard sanctuary, and their daughter Kestra tries to befriend Soji. Soji learns that she’s an android, and has trouble trusting anyone after Narek’s betrayal; but she tells them about her dream, and Kestra is able to learn the planet’s location from a family friend. Kestra convinces Soji to trust Picard. Meanwhile, Narissa kills Hugh and the other ex-Borg; before dying, Hugh tells Elnor that he needs a former Borg to activate the Queen’s cell and retake control of the Artifact. Elnor uses an SOS beacon Seven left Picard to call for help. La Sirena’s crew tries to get to Nepenthe but are being chased by Narek, who is following the tracker in Jurati. Feeling guilty, Jurati uses a neurotoxin to put herself in a coma and disable the tracker. La Sirena eventually reaches Nepenthe and picks up Picard and Soji.

Highlights, speculations and questions include: 

1.     Did Hugh have to die?

2.     What did you feel during the reunion of Riker, Troi and Picard?

3.     What are some of the cookies in this show?

4.     Does Kestra instruct us on how to deal with grief?

5.     Is Oh a Vulcan?