Richard Lummis and Tom Fox begin a series on leadership lessons from Theodore Roosevelt. We will look at lessons from Roosevelt’s early years in New York up to his cowboying days in Montana; the second phase of his public career, from NYC Police Commission to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, San Juan Hill and the Vice Presidency; his leadership from his Presidency; his life in the post-Presidency and the election of 1912 and we will end with leadership lessons from his post Bull Moose Party life, World War I and event surrounding his death. In this first episode, we consider the leadership lessons learned by Roosevelt from his parents, his sickly childhood, initial forays into public life, widowhood and cowboying in Montana.

Highlights of this podcast include:

Roosevelt’s parents, his upbringing, education and early book publishing. Roosevelt’s widowhood in his early 20s and his election to the New York State Assembly. From the Presidential election of 1884, up to his cowboying in Dakota. We conclude with three key leadership lessons, including 1. The beginning of his lifelong learning; 2. How he came to view merit, not privilege as the key to advancement, and 3. How hard work is required to be a great leader.


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