In this Episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, I am joined by Quyen Truong, partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan. During her career in government, she worked at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She joins me to talk about the CFPB under the Biden Administration.  Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. What is the CFPB? What does it regulate?
  2. What is the likely impact of Rohit Chopra to head the CFPB?
  3. What will he need to do to rebuild the morale of the CFPB?
  4.  What do you see as the direction by the CFPB in regulation and enforcement?
  5. Any new policy initiatives or directives?
  6. What is the interaction between the CFPB and the states? How might that change under the Biden Administration?