Tom and Tanya met virtually years ago, and she’s one of the most interesting people Tom has ever come across. Tanya started her career in early childhood education but she didn’t end up there; after a leaving childcare and being a stay-at-home mother, Tanya dedicated her life to something that matters to her: being healthy. How does that apply to you? When you move your body and exercise, you will be much better at your job.

More Than Physical Fitness

Physical fitness isn’t just about your body. It’s about your mind, too, in how you see yourself and embrace who you are. Being fit is also about training your mind to embrace goodness, and it’s intrinsically connected to how your body feels. For those in compliance, it can be a lot of everyday stress. Practicing fitness of mind and body can help relieve that.

How to Create a Positive Mindset

It’s as simple as waking up and thinking of one thing to be grateful about, and when you’re going to bed, decide on the best thing that happened that day. And it’s as hard as that, too. Your mindset is a part of you, so to change it, you have to change your habits. Like being physically fit, being mentally fit requires a bit of training. Here’s how to reboot your mindset:

First, as you go about your day, recognize the small things and focus on how you feel. Give yourself permission to take five minutes to get centered again.

Second is moving your body every day. Running, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, walking around the block: it doesn’t matter what you do so long as you do it consistently.

Third is going to bed and thinking about the best thing that happened that day. It helps you focus on the positive aspects.

Fourth, as you’re getting ready for work the next day, take a moment to reflect on who you and appreciate the good things about yourself.

Fifth, surround yourself with positive people. You can’t imagine how negative people can drag you down. Even if they’ve been a friend for life, it might be worth breaking the friendship.

SEA – The Self-EMPOWERMENT Academy

Tanya talks about her membership community, who it’s for, and why women of all background should consider joining it. She also shares why she wears a leather jacket.


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