Rashelle Tanner is the Director of Compliance Learning Program at the Office of Legal Compliance at Microsoft. A senior attorney, she is responsible for the trust and integrity learning program for Ethics and Compliance. Rashelle develops and delivers learner-centered anti-corruption and ethical decision-making courses that empower employees to do business the right way. Tom Fox welcomes her to this week’s show to discuss how compliance professionals can incorporate and promote integrity in training, and how to reimagine training in innovative ways for the organization’s ultimate benefit.

The Importance of Integrity

Tom asks Rashelle to explain why integrity is integral to compliance. She stresses that people have to follow rules not just because they’re there, but also because they feel motivated to do so. The focus on “doing the right thing” is becoming less on what you can and cannot do, and more on your day-to-day decisions. Focusing on integrity will help you make more ethical decisions.

Compliance and Integrity Through Storytelling

Rashelle tells Tom about incorporating integrity training through the use of storytelling. She describes how her team takes employees through compliance-related scenarios, and ethical issues, with characters based on workers at all levels of Microsoft. The episodes are based on what motivates people, and how it impacts their decisions. Rashelle remarks that this venture has helped build employee engagement and continues to encourage them to get involved with compliance training. She stresses the importance of keeping the content suspenseful to grab employees’ attention; however, it must also stand alone so that anyone can follow along. It also needs to have specific language in the given content in order to reach the target audience. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Compliance

Tom switches to the topic of diversity and asks Rashelle her thoughts on the role of diversity and inclusion in compliance, and how compliance departments can drive that conversation forward. He adds that diversity is natural while inclusion is completely different. Diversity is getting one’s foot in the door while inclusion is being completely embraced and listened to. Rashelle stresses that inclusivity is a responsibility, and one she and her team emphasizes at Microsoft, and even within their serial training programs. She states that representing all walks of life in their episodes is a way of reaching not just their local employees but their international ones as well and making them feel seen and heard. 



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