In today’s show, host Tom Fox speaks with Shaina Weisinger of Repurpose House, a company that repurposes long-form content into optimized social media posts. Shaina had years of experience in digital marketing strategy and established Repurpose House when she realized that her clients wanted repurposed content, a niche in the marketplace that no other company was filling. She chats with Tom about why repurposing is a good strategy, how she built her offshore team and her company’s 5 core principles.

Why Repurpose?

Marketers struggle to consistently create new content for social media. Usually they already have high-quality content that converted and got a lot of engagement. Repurposing proven content is a strategy Shaina specializes in: she takes longer-form content (such as blog posts, webinars and speeches) and breaks them up into many different pieces of content in a way that’s optimized for social media. If you’ve already taken the time to create the content, she says, don’t just let it die.

Building an Offshore Team

Most of Shaina’s team is based in the Philippines.  She only has full-time employees: the company has a comprehensive training program and team leaders who ensure that everyone’s skills are sharpened. Shaina says that it was important to her to build a team where everyone cared about one another, so she hires based on culture fit first. The company has weekly team meetings with everyone so they can connect. Transparency and well-being of the team is very important to her. Tom comments that he gets regular communications from the team and that he feels he has a relationship with them that he values as a customer. When you build good relationships, Shaina responds, that’s when you have great experiences. 

5 Core Principles

Tom asks Shaina to talk about Repurpose House’s 5 core principles, and why she thinks they are important for the business. Shaina says that she wanted her company principles to translate her own life values and goals. These five core principles are:

  1. We actively remain cutting-edge in our market and share our knowledge with excellent educational resources for our industry;
  2. We provide a premier service with clear, streamlined communication that allows for a superior customer and team member experience;
  3. We are positive and optimistic that all events leave room to evolve and grow;
  4. Our culture enables a safe place for both team members and clients to speak honestly and openly, to cultivate a transparent environment of trust;
  5. We are a place where health, well-being and quality of life are not simply concepts but the baseline for all decisions.

Sharing Our Knowledge

Shaina believes that educating people on how to be efficient, and training them to create processes, will bring success. She is passionate about showing businesses and brands how to make their repurposing strategy simple, streamlined and efficient.


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