CONVERGE19 is in its 4th year of bringing together the world’s leading companies for 2 days of dynamic speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. You will leave the conference with new resources and best practices allowing you to continue the hard work of driving ethics to the center of your business. In today’s episode I visit with Ricardo Pellafone, Founder and CEO of Broadcat and Ashley Lewis, Associate Manager, Internal Audit at Tempur-Pedic Management, LLC and about their talk, Compliance, Culture, and Communication: How to Build the Foundation of Your Brand.

Understand how engaging with your peers, stakeholders and employees is critical to the success of your program. This ranges from cross functional partnerships: who to connect with, how often, and why; to engaging employees: why engagement is key to proving E&C is not the enemy; to rebranding your hotline solution: why words matter and how you can use words and to connect with your employees. In their session Ricardo and Ashley bring their experiences to the fore to provide insight into building your compliance brand.

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