Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

As we continue our Spring series we bring Selena Evans onto the show to talk about her Brave Space initiative which is an award winning endeavor, including what other companies can do to build something similar.

This episode also focuses on innovation, particularly how to combat the downsides of innovation.  Often when it comes to this topic we are inclined to talk about the positives of moving the dial, the benefits that come with creativity, inspiration and establishing new best practices.  However naturally when new processes or tools are brought in, that means that some aspects of the status quo need to fall by the wayside.  Colleagues who put in place the previous systems can feel discouraged or even resentful.  Similarly when someone brings a fresh idea that proves popular and receives praise for it, the feelings of those around them can cause resentment due to the positive attention lavished on someone else in the team.  We discuss those elephants in the room and how a Compliance practitioner can better navigate those troubled political waters.

Selena shares with us the best advice she has received from a mentor and Mary wraps up the episode with learnings from one of the biggest FCPA cases of 2020 – the Goldman Sachs case.

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