Who needs more drama in their life? Anybody? Nobody! There is an upside to conflict, though. If you, or if people on your team, are dealing with conflict…it is possible to eliminate the conflict and come out with a stronger, better relationship – if you handle it correctly! As a leader, it is your responsibility to successfully navigate conflict and help your team to do the same.

In today’s episode we are digging into a how one top-recognized leader, Chris, uses an old school theory to help him and his team successfully navigate conflict. Chris and I are both millennials. But, no matter how young, how cool, how old, how smart you are…there are some things we will always be able to learn from the people who went before us.

We are discussing the Transactional Analysis theory developed in the mid 1900’s. This theory helps leaders understand why their people might think, act, and feel the way they do.

We’re going to walk you through how you can use this information to help in the trenches at work. Let’s dig in –it’s time to LEVEL UP!


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