In this episode, SVP of Business Development at CSS Ashley Smith sits down with two insurance and Solvency II experts from MBE Consulting to discuss the push for asset managers to attract more insurance investors, and what should asset managers be doing now, including focusing on data management and the quality of their Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR).


A CSS RegTech podcast series on moving from a tactical to strategic approach to regulatory compliance. The global regulatory space is complex and fragmented. Financial firms can address this problem through tactical responses to regulatory deadlines or think more strategically on how to optimize their compliance data, operations and technology. The CSS weekly podcast features regulatory experts, former Chief Compliance Officers, cybersecurity specialists, industry partners and RegTech collaborators to help prepare investment management firms for changes on the regulatory horizon. For more information on CSS, visit:



About Our Guest Speakers:

Andries Beukes is a Partner, Actuarial Solutions at MBE Consulting. Andries’ actuarial career began in the insurance industry over 15 years ago and he has worked in a wide range of areas since then, most recently far-reaching IFRS 17-related projects, which have benefited from his clear understanding of the requirements and demands of implementing new – and often daunting – regulation. Over the course of his career in an often inefficient environment, Andries has developed a passion for using accessible technology and efficient systems to solve actuarial and operational problems faced by the industry. This passion drives his role of strategic planning and coordination across all of MBE’s disciplines, to ensure that clients are provided with efficient, practical and technologically sound solutions for even the most complex actuarial problems. Andries’ approachability, combined with his excellent technical understanding, has contributed to his proven track record of effective management, leadership and decision-making skills.


Ben Herrett is the Director, Sales and Marketing at MBE Consulting. Ben has worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years, largely focusing on the provision of market data services to the buy-side community. The far-reaching impact of regulations such as Solvency II has enabled him to transfer his skill sets to the world of insurance, and subsequently to lead the group marketing and business development division of MBE. “I enjoy applying my skills to new challenges and the world of actuarial consulting has been a particularly good fit. Seeing my ideas generate enthusiasm within the team, and subsequently with our clients, is the best part of my job,” he says.A typical day will see Ben engaging with existing and potential clients, building the MBE brand and generally keeping a finger on the pulse of global business developments. Ben leads by example, cultivating creativity in the MBE office and focusing on strategic value propositions and outstanding customer service.


Ashley Smith is a sales and business development professional with 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. Ashley started his career with the Financial Times and has led sales, marketing and business development teams across leading solution providers in data management, market data, risk analytics, collateral management and regulatory compliance.