Welcome to Episode 7 of Compliance Man Chooses the Target with Tim Khasanov-Batirov. The goal is to highlight matters that should be on agenda of practitioners that deploy compliance programs in industries or countries of active FCPA enforcement. In next three minutes, we will target three specific matters that you might like to address in the course of implementation of your compliance program. Today we will focus on teamwork.

Target #1: Who is Your Team? While this question might sounds straightforward when we refer to organizational chart, the answer is not that obvious when we talk about the whole organization. Do you have supporters of Compliance movement among top managers? Do middle management and junior staff help you in promotion ethics? Do you have influencers among respected middle-level managers in your Compliance team now? Who should be in your Compliance dream team? If you have answers on these questions, it is much easier to plan efforts and evaluate rate of success of your ethics’ efforts in each department. Based on my experience even single individual who heads business function in the organization can block or in contrary stimulate efficient collaboration between all his subordinates and Compliance department.

Target #2: Engagement of Personnel from Various Hierarchy Levels. Based on my experience it is essential to raise awareness and engage in respective ways personnel from all hierarchy levels. There are at least two reasons do that. The first one is that personnel tend to raise in the organization so your efforts in engagement each individual will be bringing positive impact on each stage of his or her career. The second reason is that managers (primarily at the senior level) from time to time are assigned with new areas of responsibility. Thus, if such a senior manager is your Compliance ambassador he will expand or strengthen Compliance philosophy at his new area of responsibility as well.

Target #3: Why Things Might Not Work Well? Three killers of teamwork within Compliance department:

  • Absence of goals based on Key Performance Indicators for each individual;
  • Duplication of functions among compliance folks;
  • Absence of devotion to Ethics&Compliance in the team.

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