Jedidiah Yueh is Tom Fox’s guest this week on the Innovation in Compliance Podcast. Jedidiah is a data innovator, a best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of Delphix. He has spent the last two decades decoding innovation and collecting and testing frameworks that motivate many successful entrepreneurs in technology. Jedidiah has invented software products worth more than $4 billion in sales. He joins Tom Fox to discuss digital transformation and digital disruption, and what companies need to know and do about both.



Technology, Creativity & Evolution

“What’s interesting about technology today is it’s an incredibly broad white canvas,” Jed begins. Creativity is applied to the development of technology as much as it is to the liberal arts, he tells Tom. “If you think about some of the things that you do as an English major where you’re really looking for these themes and these tropes within works of literature… You have to do that for the world of technology as well.” Tech evolves on so many levels that you have to see and analyze, similar to what’s done in literary analysis.

Digital Disruption

When Jed first ventured into tech, his main objective was finding a concept or product that would give him a competitive advantage. He had the idea of taking the backup data from MP3 players and transitioning that into the technology enterprise. Jed says that he knew that the concept would be disruptive and that it would change the industry. “That’s exactly what happened over the course of a decade,” he tells Tom.


Tom asks Jed why he founded Delphix. In Jed’s previous company, a lot of customers had issues where they had to be restoring data to other locations to be able to use it. The demands for data efficiency had risen. Jed created Delphix to answer this market need. “The idea was we wanted to build a new architecture that was focused on enabling the multi-use of data for all of these strategic and valuable use cases that drive innovation and differentiation for companies,” he remarks.

COVID-19 & Beyond

The pandemic and the relocation to remote work was a profitable opportunity for Jed’s company. There was an acceleration of digital transformation. Tom asks Jed what companies need to focus on in the coming years. “I think companies really need to focus on what is real digital transformation and what is not,” Jed remarks. Real digital transformation changes the way your business operates. The overall ecosystem of the business has to be transformative. “If a company doesn’t engage in a digital transformation and make its own data available to itself to make their business processes more efficient, frankly they’re going to be left in the dust by their competitors who do so.”


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