There’s a big misconception that public relations & content marketing are the same thing…. but they’re NOT. PR is a tactic that’s part of a bigger content marketing strategy.

To further dive into this topic, we interviewed a PR expert to do some myth-busting and share her tips to incorporate storytelling to your content marketing strategy.

Melissa DiGianfilippo is co-owner and president of public relations at Serendipit Consulting, where she leads all of the firm’s clients’ public relations and communications efforts including traditional media relations, crisis communications, internal communications, community outreach and more.

Under Melissa’s direction, Serendipit clients have achieved millions of dollars in positive press coverage across international, national and local media outlets including CNN, Nancy Grace, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Late Show, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Associated Press, Huffington Post as well as local broadcast and print outlets in all U.S. markets.

Among many awards, Melissa was named the top female PR professional in Arizona by Arizona Foothills Magazine in 2018.

So tune in as Melissa shares why storytelling is important for your brand, how to get picked by national media, and valuable insights when pitching.

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What You’ll Learn

  • [02:00] The differences you need to know between PR & content marketing
  • [06:37] Why digital content is way better than traditional media
  • [07:19] Everything you need to know about Byline content
  • [09:50] How Melissa got into PR
  • [10:25] What you need to understand about storytelling
  • [11:10] 1 tip to hone in on your story
  • [12:03] Her top suggested PR tools
  • [14:37] How to be an expert source and get picked by national media
  • [15:49] Best practices for IGTV
  • [17:08] More tips when using a PR agency or pitching
  • [17:55] Melissa’s favorite PR moment
  • [19:25] 1 actionable thing to implement within the next 48 hours for your content marketing strategy