In this episode of The Content Coalition, we interview Spring Barnickle, Chief Marketing Officer of JJ Virgin and Associates.

JJ Virgin & Associates is a content marketing company focused on health and nutrition. Their mission is to empower and encourage people ages 40+ who have struggled with their weight or other health issues to find life-changing solutions. They offer a variety of state-of-the-art online programs, as well as protein shakes, bars, and supplements.

Spring’s past experience includes writing and creating marketing websites for 15 years, starting a commercial kitchen built around one of the most successful food-based Kickstarter campaigns to date, and ghostwriting multiple books and cookbooks.

Tune in as Spring reveals how they target leads with the use of various lead magnets and offerings to make the customer invested to their brand. You’ll also learn the types of content they produce to support their marketing efforts and much more.

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What You’ll Learn

  • [03:10] Learn how Spring got into the JJ Virgin & Associates and a little of her backstory
  • [07:29] The big goal of JJ Virgin and Associates and their upcoming membership site
  • [09:39] How this massive brand manages a fully remote team
  • [12:45] Learn their exact strategies for targeting leads using “freebies” and more
  • [15:11] Upcoming lead magnets for their upcoming membership site
  • [17:00] Spring’s suggestions for people who don’t have physical products to sell
  • [18:16] The types of content they produce to support their marketing efforts
  • [19:18] 1 actionable thing to implement in the next 48 hours

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