In this special podcast series, One Stone Creative co-founder Megan Dougherty and Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance indulge in their love of all things MCU by watching and discussing the Falcon and the Winter SoldierIn this episode we look at episode 3 of the series currently running on the Disney channel. Some of the highlights include:

Ø  Synopsis of the episode.

Ø  MCU cookies and other cool things.

1.     Commercial at the beginning – similar to ads in Wandavision. Is the government the biggest bad of all?

2.     Cap: “don’t even let them breathe.” Yikes. Also, is he the only unilingual superhero?

3.     Ends justify the means – theme of the episode?

4.     Zemo is the therapist now. (Strong Hannibal Lecter vibes.)

Ø  Questions for Consideration

5.     Is the Baron’s back story plausible? Just how cool is he?

6.     How did we move from social commentary to a spy/thriller show?

7.     Was Bucky simply in character at the Bar or was he under Zemo’s control again?

8.     Has Sharon Carter gone to the dark side? Is she The Power Broker?

9.     Fight at the lab.

So kick back and enjoy the MCU universe on the small screen and then check out this special series on Popcorn and Compliance.