In this episode of Career Can Do, Mary Ann Faremouth chats with Trica Benn, Chief Community Officer and Executive Vice President of The C-Suite Network. Tricia supports c-level executives and other entrepreneurs to achieve professional success.

The C-Suite Network is a platform for executives, business owners, investors, and influencers. They are committed to creating access across all their networks, and they offer professional services such as media, TV, radio, digital content, and their very own marketplace to accelerate the success of the audience they serve. Tricia’s role in all of this is to lead that success. She shares the four principles that C-Suite is run by, which are: relevancy, reach, reciprocity, and respect.


Rather than the journey or the destination, what’s most important in life is the people you meet along the way, Mary Ann comments. She praises Tricia for her dedication to celebrating people and helping them grow and expand. Tricia credits this to her “understanding that we’re all people striving to do something great.” 




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