Innovation can come in various forms for an organization. Innovation can appear in a structural form. You can move compliance more deeply into your organization with new or different structures. One I have seen have success is a Compliance Committee more closely tied to the geographic market in the field or the Regional Compliance Committee. All of this works to adds a dimension not often seen or even discussed in the compliance profession. The accountability and oversight down to the regional level and the compliance monitoring, reviewing, assessing and recommending that is deemed to be necessary will provide additional endorsements up through the organization that it is actually doing compliance. In compliance, it is execution where the rubber meets the road. A Regional Compliance Committee can provide your compliance program a unique structure to perform these functions.

 Three key takeaways:

  1. Innovation can occur in structural changes to your compliance function.
  2. A Regional Compliance Committee puts compliance closer to the ground in geographic regions outside the U.S.
  3. A Regional Compliance Committee facilitates execution of your compliance program.