Robert Meyers is the Channel Solutions Architect for One Identity, a software company that helps organizations establish an identity-centric security strategy. Tom Fox welcomes him to this week’s show to talk about compliance, data privacy, and employee data issues.


The Role of One Identity

“Most companies forget about employees, and this gets impacted by GDPR,” Robert says. His role at One Identity allows him to explain to companies where they can fit identity protections for employees. He also helps companies with their logging systems to prevent them from sending out sensitive information into their log store. Robert adds that he also works as a consultant for partners and helps with privileged access management.

Data Has a Life Cycle

“Data itself should have a life cycle,” Robert emphasizes. The concept of never deleting anything and keeping copies of everything is a bad idea. Data discipline and data management governance expects that you remove data at an appropriate time. Robert iterates that data privacy and data protection have to be integrated with operations because if it isn’t, it won’t be dealt with at all. In response to Tom’s question on who owns Compliance, Robert says that it has to be the Chief Operating Officer.

What’s Next

Tom asks Robert what businesses should expect to happen around data privacy between now and 2023. Robert says that there will be more risk assessment. Most breaches conducted within organizations are internal. He advocates for greater enforcement of laws and regulations as well as more legislation. 



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