Welcome to a special five-part podcast series, The Six Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. This podcast series is sponsored by StoneTurn. To celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, we will consider each of the six elements required for an effective compliance program. They include: Risk Assessment, Governance and Structure, Policies Procedures and Controls, Training and Education, Oversight and Reporting, and Response and Enhancements. Over this five-part podcast series, I will be joined by Stephen Martin and Valerie Charles, Partners at StoneTurn and Toby Ralston and Jamen Tyler, Managing Directors at StoneTurn. In this fourth episode, I visit with Jamen Tyler on effectively getting your compliance messaging out. Highlights include:

  • In the Work From Home era how can you determine the effectiveness of your compliance training and communications?
  • In the 2020 Update, the DOJ for the first time discussed short training and communications, focusing on one issue messaging. What are some of the trends you are seeing in such micro-learning? What about other types of training?
  • In terms of compliance training frequency and cadence, what are you seeing as current best practices?
  • What are the advantages of compliance ambassadors across a multi-national organization? Can they be outside the compliance dept?


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