In this episode,  I am joined in this podcast series by Jay Rosen, the Vice President of Business Development and Monitoring Specialist at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. In this series we introduce the role of independent integrity monitors and corporate monitorships; discuss both pre-settlement and post-resolution monitorships and their different applications; considerations a company should take in hiring a monitor and cost reflections for monitorships. Today, in Part 3, we consider the power of a monitorship in the pre-settlement phase of any matter.

Some of the highlights from this podcast include:

1.  What is an Internal Cultural Assessment?

2.  How can a pre-settlement monitorship be used as a (a) Pre-emptive Strike; or (b) to prevent a suspension or debarment action?

3.  What is the power of a pre-acquisition monitor in M&A Due Diligence?

4.  How is an independent integrity monitor can be a powerful prescriptive tool?

For additional reading see Jay Rosen’s article What is the Power of a Pre-Settlement Monitorship?on Corporate Compliance Insights.

For more information on Affiliated Monitors, Inc. visit their website here.