In this five-part podcast series, I consider the use of monitors by state Attorneys General. I am joined in this podcast series by Jerry Coyne, the Managing Director of State Monitoring Services at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. who is the sponsor of this podcast series. In this series we introduce the role of state Attorneys Generals as enforcers of state law and bringers of civil litigation; the reaction to the big-tobacco settlement and the criticism of state Attorney Generals over that process; multi-state settlements in the post-tobacco era; challenges in multi-state litigation and the road ahead. Today, in Part 2, we consider the reaction to the Big Tobacco settlement and criticisms directed at the state Attorney Generals.

I hope you will join us tomorrow for Part 3, where we discuss multi-state litigation by Attorney Generals in the post-tobacco era. For more information on Affiliated Monitors, Inc. visit their website here.