In this special podcast series, I am joined by Mikhail Reider-Gordon, Managing Director of Institutional Ethics & Integrity at Affiliated Monitors. Mikhail’s areas of expertise include technology, privacy, cybersecurity, IP and accountability in artificial intelligence; the global anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regimes; media & entertainment; biotech and the life sciences; the public sector and international law. She is accustomed to working on extremely sensitive and high-profile matters, both nationally and internationally. In this episode, we begin an exploration of the role of money-laundering in the Wirecard saga.

Some of the highlights include:

·       How money laundering works?

·       What is threat finance?

·       Other examples of German corporate fraud?

·       Why 2006 was such an important year in anti-money laundering?

·       How Wirecard made money through money laundering.

·       The risk related business model used by Wirecard.